Friday, July 23, 2010

The Unofficial Official Theme for [Home]

Well, I was thinking that I need a theme song for the game.  Ya know, because that's what I think about when I'm bored, or really when I'm just thumbing through my iPod.  So, after thinking quite a bit (and ranting about Green Day to Mark, my younger brother) of that, I've decided that Yomp by that band know one I know knows (too many knows) thenewno2.

Well, it's not the best song ever, but for some reason I think it suits it.  Although I think as I'm listening to another song it might be something else.  It's raining outside now... I can hear thunder... and I don't like it either.  I can't think and/or sleep during a thunder storm.  Well, I should stop talking randomly before you don't wanna read this blog anymore.


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