Sunday, July 25, 2010

MindFlow #1

Hey, guys, this is a thing I'm starting.  You get to peak at the words that are floating around in my head, and try to depict what it means. "Sex" will not be there, so don't look. It's not in an order, just the words as it comes to me.  COMMENT, if you read, tell me what the hell you think this means, and also any therapists reading, is this normal?

Here goes:

Happy, JtHM, ZIM, GIR, Comics, love, cheese, salted nuts, Apple Inc, 9:33, phone, iPod, paper, sharpie, starving artist, Alice, grey, confusion, sharp thing, blood, ouch, other things, my head, itch, scratch, too much, pain, water, glass, Socrates, Shiny, shower, 9:35, words, buttons, Safari, Toast, more blood, No More Naked Popcorn, more words, bottle, Frankenchokie, headphones, speakers, cartoons, thinking, loading, shirt, stain, Jhonen Vasquez, TV, Half-Life, butter, headache, stopping.

Wow, that's terrible.

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