Friday, October 1, 2010

October the First

You know what that means, it's finally October, which means fall, which means Halloween... my favorite holiday. 

But, October 1st marks the beginning of the new game. Here's the plan:

A. Spend 2 Months Planning, figuring things out,
B. Spend 1 Month Finding programs for our help
C. Spend 6 Months Programming! Art! Music! AH!
D. Spend 4 Months in Beta... PLAY TESTING TOO!
E. Spend 3 Months perfecting it!
F. Spend 2 Months in Alpha... More Play Testing!
G: Spend the final Month Perfecting the heck out of it!

Then I'll set a date and release this bad boy.  But now it's time for more leaking!

The game's based on physics. It's gonna be a platformer too though, so not much like World of Goo. It's gonna be like the My Sims games, kinda.

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